The world woke up to an early Christmas this morning when the second series of the internet’s favourite podcast debuted out of nowhere. (The first episode at least. This ain’t Netflix, folks). 

Serial—which had hundreds of millions addicted in season one to This American Life’s Sarah Koenig’s investigation into a Baltimore murder—is back again, although this season’s subject matter is rather different. The team is tackling the case of Bowe Bergdahl, who you may know as the US soldier who spent five years in Taliban captivity, was returned to the US via a prisoner exchange, and then was charged with desertion for walking away from his post, which is how ended up a prisoner.

Episode one opens with Bergdahl—who won’t talk to any other media—alleging that he did walk away from his post, but only to draw attention to bad leadership at the army post he was stationed at in Afghanistan. Since this is Serial, you know that’s only the start of the story…


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