As a magazine editor, I’m constantly obsessing over details. I have spent more time on searching for the perfect word to describe a pair of trousers than I have actually shopping for trousers. When we’re putting the finishing touches on an issue at deadline time, I patrol the wall where all the new pages are pinned up, monitoring how the magazine is coming together. Does that juicy feature have a stop-and-stare headline you just can’t flip past? Does the cover font add precisely the right pop of colour? I do this because I know that little things, even a single word (should we really be describing spruce blue as a “saturated” shade?), add to the entire experience, from photos to captions to grammar.

Details matter in fashion too. Accessories act as the punctuation marks for an outfit. An extraordinary handbag, a delicate gold pendant necklace or even just a great red lipstick is how a style sentence is finished. Take the edgy yet elegant Off- White c/o Jimmy Choo collaboration stilettos, which serve as a very bold exclamation point to anything worn with them. This month’s Accessories Special brings you some of the best accent pieces on the market, from monogrammed slides to a checkerboard backpack. 

The accessory I’m most excited about is the teeny-tiny ’90s-era-with-a-twist sunglasses that have been popping up on runways from Alexandre Vauthier to Alexander Wang to Balenciaga. No, these micro-shades won’t forgivingly cover pre-coffee puffy eyes in the morning; nor will they do much in the way of quality UV protection. And…their size seems to be best suited to supermodels. But that doesn’t matter at all to me. I love that they show more of your face to the world. Having nothing to hide is the best accessory of the year. Period. 


Vanessa Craft 


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This article originally appeared in the April 2018 issue of ELLE Canada.