Is the prospect of winter sending you into a spiral? Same. One way to get yourself out of that cold-weather slump is to create a living space that delivers on comfort. That’s where Vancouver-based interior designer Gillian Segal comes in. Here, she offers tried-and-true design tweaks that’ll transform your space into a winter-proof haven without breaking the bank.

Why is it so important to make comfort-boosting design swaps in your home as the weather cools?

“As a designer, I firmly believe that our space profoundly impacts our mood and quality of life. Since heading outdoors can be less appealing in the winter months, making your home a cozy, comfortable refuge is always the goal. Small upgrades to your space can help you stay inspired, motivated and happy during these challenging months.”

What kind of environment should we be trying to create for the winter?

“A well-designed space should evoke an emotion, so think about how your space can stimulate all your senses in a way that makes you feel comforted, safe and happy. Texture plays a big role, both visually and in terms of how we interact with our space. Addressing lighting in your space is another way to make sure your mood stays uplifted.”

Can you share a few inexpensive design swaps that you love making come fall?

“I love to upgrade my textiles to something a little heavier that can really provide warmth and comfort. This means heavier bedding and extra throw blankets on my sofas. Upgrading my florals, especially with dark, rich-looking fresh flowers, is also something I do seasonally in my home. I love to focus on self-care during these months, so I like to do a bathroom upgrade as well. That includes some new towels, a relaxing scent and more luxurious bathroom tissue, such as Royale® Velour®. It’s a small but meaningful way to care for yourself. Lastly, plant seeds of inspiration throughout your home. This could mean a new coffee-table book or even some new framed photos to remind you of favourite summer moments when the days feel dark and long.”


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