Beyond her artistic practice, Morales is already a well-known fashion designer and art director, having created iconic pieces for Arcade Fire and Grimes and collaborated with directors such as Denis Villeneuve and institutions like the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Venice Biennale, but this is her first solo museum exhibition. The focus of the show, which opens on September 25, is an exploration of the grey area between modernism and craft—the centre of Morales’ creative practice—along with themes of identity, belonging and humanity. Captivating us with her use of bright colours and striking sculptural pieces (her work also explores her Mexican heritage), she is currently an artist-in-residence at Céramica Suro, in Guadalajara, where she’s developing new ceramic techniques. If you can’t make it to Dallas to see Morales’ evolution in person, she will be releasing a limited drop of sweatshirts and a series of Céramica Suro plates, available on the museum’s website: