There will be no new content on our website today (or our social channels) because we’re participating in A Day Without Women the best way we know how: By showing that without women, basically nothing on this website would exist. 

Instead, we’ll be sharing some recommended reading from our archives for International Women’s Day. 

Why are we doing this? Well, the organisers of January’s Women’s Marches have appealed to all women who are able to to not work today (STRIKE!) to shed light on just how significant women’s contribution to global society is.

By not producing content today, we’re standing in solidarity with women who are “striking” today (while acknowledging those who don’t have the luxury of not working today). We’re doing it to say “we’re with you” to all the women across the world who are fighting for equality.

PS. If you’re in too, you can also wear red today (maybe a nice bold lip?) to show your support.