Rihanna slams CBS for blaming the victim

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Rihanna was all attitude at New York Fashion Week. Image courtesy of Getty Images.

There has been an important development in one of the most hateful recent sports stories. Except this time it’s kind of interesting. And it’s because of Riri

Of all the things I spend my time ranting about, Ray Rice and the NFL are basically top of the list. It’s been difficult for me to formulate cohesive sentences about a man who assaults his now-wife and tries to move past it at a press conference with an analogy about "getting back up after being knocked down." Similarly depressing? The league’s initial slap on the wrist (actually not even, since his suspension was treated more lightly then a player who messes with HIS OWN JERSEY) and then later sheepish, though appropriate, decision to cut him (only after a more graphic SECOND video surfaced publicly. One hideously violent video is not enough, turns out.) Basically when I think about the situation, only a string of cartoon-like curses come out of my mouth which is not interesting or helpful.

Thank god Rihanna addressed the situation for me.

CBS pulled a pre-recorded segment that featured her song "Run This Town" from their last Thursday Night Football coverage, so they could air more coverage of the Ray Rice story, indicating that her past abusive relationship with Chris Brown was a factor in the decision. I guess it would be awkward for them to play music by someone who has lived through abuse? Maybe it would have been awkward for Ray Rice? (Though he’s a pro at getting back up after being knocked down though, we know that now.) Maybe they just have their hands full with controversy and didn’t know what to do?

Rihanna, who isn’t one to hold back, tweeted the following this morning:

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 9.18.20 AM

And then…

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 9.18.45 AM

CBS hasn’t responded yet, but somehow, I’m guessing their statement won’t be as succinct.

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