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Nothing elevates the morning commute quite like the sound of
Grace Kelly’s voice in your ear, professing her love for Frank Sinatra, pillows…and singing in the car. That’s the beauty of my latest subway-listening-obsession
"Desert Island Discs’ (which is actually a radio program broadcast on BBC 4 in the UK, but us colonials can access it via podcast). By posing the question ‘what would you bring with you to a desert island?’ to notable/interesting/famous people, the listener gets access to all sorts of intimate, revealing details (and some not so surprising: castaway Ricky Gervais would bring a vat of non-addicting painkillers).
Russell Brand, Hugh Laurie and editor of British Vogue Alexandra Shulman have all taken their turn at the mic in recent months, although some of my favourite episodes have been with non-celeb types, like the one with a nun, who’s not phased by being left alone on an island, as she lives as near hermit in her everyday life. And the best part? This show’s been on the airwaves since 1942 (the Grace Kelly interview was recorded in 1981), which means I’ve got enough listening material to keep me sane on the train until at least 2025.
Whose desert island picks would you love to hear?
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