Will Young met with a number of “obstacles” when he chose ‘jealousy’ as the first single from ‘Echoes’. The singer met with opposition when he gave his choice for the first track to be released from his latest album, and was relieved when it was a hit, reaching number five in the UK.

He said: “I won’t lie, there were some obstacles – it was a bit of a fright. I don’t mind that though, but all it does is teach you to stick up for what you believe in.

“There’s two ways of looking at it: I could have easily got bitter and not trusted anyone else’s decisions – which happened around Friday’s Child – but that wouldn’t help anyone.

“Thank God it was a hit though, otherwise it would have been a covers album for me!”

Will, 32, has also learned to listen to his team when it comes to touring and putting on a stage show, as if he was left to him to design it, he would have an overly simple approach.

He added in an interview with website DigitalSpy.com: “That’s the other thing – I’ve always got to watch myself because all I ever want to do is wear a bowler hat and do cabaret, and my team have to keep pulling it back from that!

“That’s the challenge nowadays. It’s also in the music – to make it as good as possible live without coming across like a robot.”