Will Young doesn’t think his new album is “dishonest”.

The ‘Jealousy’ hitmaker has changed to a more dance-centric sound on new album ‘Echoes’, but although he has previously been known for his pop ballads he does not feel like he has altered course too much from what people associate him with.

He said: “My music has evolved a fair bit and I would say this is an electro-pop album. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for around six years and this felt like the right time to change musical direction.

“The music still retains an essence of me so it doesn’t feel like I’ve done something dishonest.”

As well as getting experimental with his music, Will still likes to challenge himself with his career, and has enjoyed getting involved behind-the-scenes in the film business.

He said: “While I was making this album I took some time out to go to Serbia where I filed a documentary on Ralph Fiennes’ forthcoming film version of Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Coriolanus’. I’ve invested money in the film and I’m a silent producer, which is amazing.”