Trent Reznor has lost his Grammy awards, but doesn’t care.

The Nine Inch Nails musician has been handed two trophies by the US National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, but isn’t sure where he placed them since moving house, and he is in no rush to find them as he thinks the ceremony is “rigged and cheap”.

Trent said: “Why don’t the Grammys matter? Because it feels rigged and cheap – like a popularity contest that the insiders club has decided.”

Last year, Trent composed the score for drama movie ‘The Social Network’ with Atticus Ross, which saw the pair win a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Original Score – and the 46-year-old musician said he values those awards as it was a different type of “challenge” to create music for film.

He added: “The movie side is interesting, challenging, different and rewarding in way that I hadn’t experienced through my music career.”

Atticus counts one of Trent’s piano lines in the score, which he’d thought up “almost as an afterthought,” as a big part of the success in the David Fincher-directed movie.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: “Trent said, ‘I’ve got an idea for this piano line; let me just try this.’ And he puts down that line and plays what I think is one of the greatest cinematic pieces of last year. Fincher really zeroed in on it, and it was that piece that changed the whole landscape of that film.”