The Vaccines singer Justin Young says it is “game over” if he damages his voice further.

The ‘If You Wanna’ hitmaker has struggled with his voice over the last year and had three operations for haemorrhages on his vocal chords, which has led to him having to take it as easy as possible and give up partying after shows in order to protect it.

He told the Daily Record newspaper: “We’ve been on tour supporting Arctic Monkeys and are now headlining our own tour but I can’t get caned. If it happens again, it’s game over.

“I’ve got to be really sensible. While the rest of the boys party, I’m sat in the bus with honey tea.

“Although it’s not so much the drinking as the shouting when you’re drunk that will wreck it. Luckily I gave up smoking a while back.

“I keep getting haemorrhaging on my vocal cords, which forms a scar and then the vocal cords won’t shut.”

Justin is not the only singer to have suffered vocal problems this year, as country singer Keith Urban recently announced he is to undergo throat surgery to remove a polyp on his vocal cords.

Meanwhile, last month Adele was forced to cancel every remaining concert date for the rest of the year after suffering a haemorrhaged vocal cord, needing surgery and time to rest in order to repair it.

R&B star R. Kelly had to undergo emergency surgery to drain an abscess on his tonsils in July, while John Mayer developed a granuloma near his vocal cords in September, which needed an operation and has delayed the release of his new album.