While performing on stage might take some getting used to for most up-and-coming singers, Tate McRae has had more than a little practice. Long before her hit song ‘Greedy’ got stuck in our heads, Tate was cultivating an impressive dance career, with gigs including performing with Justin Bieber, appearing on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and taking home third place on So You Think You Can Dance US.

It might be hard to believe that she’s onto her second (wildly successful) career at just 20 years old, but considering her fine-tuned performances, it’s hardly surprising. With the energy of a 2000s pop star (think Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera), McRae has stunned audiences with her hard-hitting choreo and palpable presence, particularly when it comes to the music video for her most recent single, ‘Exes’.


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In November 2023, Tate McRae was so popular, she had more monthly listeners than veritable legend Beyoncé. So, what’s behind her appeal?

Keep reading for everything we know about Tate McRae, including how she made the transition from professional dancer to burgeoning popstar.

How Did Tate McRae’s Career Begin?

While she grew up as a competitive dancer, Tate really rose to prominence in 2016 when, aged just 13, she placed third on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. The following year, she performed as a backup dancer during a stop on Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ tour and, months later, was invited by Demi Lovato to join her VMAs rehearsal.


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Despite the mounting success of her dance career, Tate was content with being just one kind of performer. Having launched a YouTube channel to promote her dancing in 2011, McRae began uploading singing covers.

Having long toyed with writing her own music, Tate uploaded her first original song, ‘One Day’, in 2017. The piano-led track was an instant hit and quickly attracted the attention of record 11 record labels, paving the way for the release of her debut EP just one year later.

Does Tate McRae Have More Fans Than Beyoncé?

Well, let’s not say that yet. However, it is true that in November 2023, McRae outpaced Beyoncé for monthly listeners on Spotify. Yep, Beyoncé. You know, the icon with a decades-long career and a current international tour?

While it might be hard to compute the meteoric rise of a singer with just one EP (the most-listened EP of 2021, we might add), McRae is certainly a walking testament to the TikTok generation and how social media will shape pop music in the years to come.

When Will Tate McRae’s New Album Be Released?

Less than four years after One Day went viral, Tate is set to release her sophomore album, Think Later. Out December 8, Think Later will also be accompanied by a global tour, including stops in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and New Zealand.


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And if the first two music videos are anything to go by, Tate will likely be lending her dancing skills to the entirety of the album. In the video for ‘Exes’, she shows off some serious moves in a boxing ring, while in ‘Greedy’, she dances through a gym including holding a very impressive leg lift. Obsessed.