Brett Anderson has admitted Suede are writing 80s inspired songs.

The group reunited last year for a series of shows, seven years after they disbanded, and while they previously claimed they had no plans to pen new tracks, the singer has revealed they are now back in the studio.

He said: “We have started to write. It’s early days but it’s sounding interesting – we’ve been listening to alternative music from the early 80s that’s filtering through.”

Despite revealing the group have new songs, Brett has also admitted they may never get released as he doesn’t want to taint the band’s legacy.

He explained: “It’s absolutely true that it might not be released. We don’t have any record companies banging on the table saying, ‘We must put a record out next March’ or something like that.

“We’re literally doing it for our own pleasure and we’re writing for fun. If it turns out, great, then people hear it. If it doesn’t, there’s no desire to release a sub-standard Suede record just because we feel like we should release one. I’m not sure it’d leave the legacy intact.”