Snow Patrol will record while they’re on tour to ensure they stay focused on writing new material.

The ‘Called out in the Dark’ band suffered a huge setback to the recording of their sixth album ‘Fallen Empires’ when singer Gary Lightbody suffered from Chronic writer’s block, and as a way of making sure it doesn’t happen again they now plan to keep writing when they take the album on tour.

Drummer Jonny Quinn exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “The one thing we didn’t do and that we’re going to start doing now is to record on the road.

“Because we’re on the tour for two and a half years and before we’ve done no recording during that time and it’s difficult to just pick it up again, so we’re gonna bring a little mobile studio and just keep the ideas going even if they’re just sketches so that next time we start it’s not this massive mountain to climb.”

Jonny added that when he did get over his writer’s block, Gary managed to write more than enough material for their album and they are hoping to release their seventh album in a shorter gap than the three years between ‘A Hundred Million Suns’ in 2008 and ‘Fallen Empires’.

He added: “When Gary finally did open the tap it just flooded out so we’ve recorded about 22 or 24 songs – so we’re gonna find five more songs for the next album and put it out once it’s done, because three years between albums is just too long these days, we’d like to get it out in less than two years.”

‘Fallen Empires’ is out now.