Sly Stone wants to go back on tour.

The legendary funk pioneer – former leader of ‘Family Affair’ group Sly and the Family Stone – is keen to get back on the road after giving up alcohol and completing a court-ordered 90-day treatment programme after a drugs arrest.

A source close to Sly said he wants to “go back on tour after he completes rehab. He would go out on the road with a sober living coach, and he would continue to go to Narcotics Anonymous meetings. That is absolutely essential for him to keep doing.

“Sly is sober for the first time in decades. It’s truly remarkable to see the progress he has made in his treatment program, in such a short period of time. Sly fought going to rehab, but his doctor literally sat outside his van for over 10 hours and convinced him to go.”

The singer and songwriter – whose real name is Sylvester Stewart – is planning to sell the camper van stationed in Los Angeles which he has been living in since 2009 because it holds “bad memories”.

The insider told the vehicle “will absolutely not be a part of Stone’s life post-rehab. It’s a trigger, and it has bad memories for him. It will be sold, sent to a junk yard where it belongs. Stone will get a new one at the appropriate time.

“Sly has another 60 days in rehab, and then will transition to a sober living facility. Sly wants to record music, and might be able to do that while in a sober living facility.”

Last year, Sly sued his former manager Jerry Goldstein for $50 million, alleging he had stolen his royalties for 20 years. He claims to have been tricked into signing a contract that gave Jerry control of his finances in 1989.