Sinead O’Connor: Music saved my life

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Sinead O'Connor thinks she would ''definitely be dead'' if it wasn't for her passion for music.

Sinead O’Connor thinks she would ”definitely be dead” if it wasn’t for music.
The ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ singer explained as a child she prayed to God for a ”way out” until she discovered rhythm through her footsteps at the age of six.
She said: ”I would definitely be dead if not for music. I prayed very fervently as a small child that God would give me a way out.
”And I remember distinctly walking home down this laneway, I can’t have been more than five or six, and with the rhythm of my feet I began to hear music, and within that second I made the association with the Holy Spirit, and I said thanks to it.
”I felt it was the answer to the prayers. I get to stand there and scream and I have a right to, ’cause what else am I gonna do?”
The 45-year-old star – who released her new LP ‘How About I Be Me (And You Be You?)’ last month – admitted she now sees her records as ”diaries”.
Sinead added in an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ”My records are diaries to me. They started out in anger and recovery, and there is a journey and I’m pleased that it has reached a place of happiness.”

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