Professor Green claims one of his biggest hits made him suicidal.
The 28-year-old rapper – whose real name is Stephen Manderson – finds touring ”tough” and at one point was really struggling with performing the same tracks night after night.
He said: ”Touring is hard work, singing the same stuff every night.
”There was a time when performing ‘I Need You Tonight’ made me want to kill myself.
”I love that song but there were times on stage when as soon as I heard the intro it made me contemplate self-harm.
”Every hit on the guitar was like a needle in my eye. That song broke me and is still an anthem for me but, man it was tough. Thankfully, I can heart it now and it’s no longer painful.”
The ‘Read All About It’ hitmaker’s father committed suicide in 2008 and Stephen is careful to look after himself on the road as he fears his dad’s demons could be genetic.
He added in an interview with The sun newspaper: ”I’m very level-headed at the moment so I’ve not been drinking. If I’m not happy I don’t drink because it makes me feel 100 times worse. I know I am up and down so I have to be careful with that.
”What happened with my dad happened to his two brothers as well. I’m pretty sure it’s in the genes so I’m really careful.
”I don’t medicate it any more. I was taking bits and bobs before but now I’ve started exercising as much as I can.
”I never get enough sleep on tour. I have sleeping problems anyway and this job has just made that worse.
”It’s fun again now but there was a while when it got a bit painful. But I’ve got back on track.”