Peter Andre’s son is to appear on stage with him.

The ‘Behind Closed Doors’ hitmaker begins his UK tour next week and revealed he has created a special sequence involving five-year-old Junior, his eldest child with ex-wife Katie Price.

He said: “I’m excited because Junior is going to be involved in my forthcoming tour, and we’re working on a little surprise. I don’t want to give it away, but if you’re coming to one of my gigs,

you are in for a real treat.”

While Junior is preparing to make his stage debut, Peter’s daughter, three-year-old Princess Tiaamii, has been amusing herself by preparing special culinary treats for her father.

Peter explained: “Princess has taken to mixing water with flour to make ‘pizza dough’ which, as you can imagine, is a bit messy. She loves it, though. I haven’t got the heart to tell her that I think there’s a bit more to the pizza-making process than that!”

Peter has previously admitted he expects Junior to be a bigger star than he is.

Asked if his children are fans of his music, Peter said recently: “Junior loves it. He’s like a mini Michael Jackson, doing all of the moves. He puts me to shame. He thinks of songs in term of the whole package and will do a little routine to the song. I’m telling you, he’s going to be a star.

“He’s got a plan! I’m always like, ‘You’re going to be playing the O2 before I am.’ “