Noel Gallagher has given his brother Liam “permission” to tour ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’ without him.

The guitarist insists he had no desire to reunite with his estranged sibling and the rest of Oasis – who are now in Beady Eye together – for the 20th anniversary of their seminal second album in 2015, but wouldn’t have a problem with them playing the record live.

He told BBC Newsbeat: “He’s got my permission to go and play it. He can play it if he wants. I don’t mind.

“I left that band for a reason and that reason still stands.”

Liam had previously said he was “up for” reuniting with his brother – who left Oasis in August 2009 following a furious row with the singer – for a series of special shows in 2015.

The ‘Bring the Light’ rocker said: “There’s a lot of talk of him going into interviews saying it’d be great to get back together in 2015 and do the ‘Morning Glory’ tour and I’m down with that.

“We’ve got another Beady Eye record to make, then have a year off, then I’m down for a 2015 reunion with my beautiful brother Noel Gallagher. It’s not a definite. But I’m up for it.”

Meanwhile, Noel also spoke of his delight that The Stone Roses have got back together.

Speaking at the Q Awards in London yesterday (24.10.11), he said: “We’d known for a while and were sworn to secrecy. It’s great for the fans and for them and a nice feeling just to see them together after so long. I love them as friends and as a band.

“They’ve been split for 15 years, we split up 15 minutes ago. We’re all waiting for The Smiths to do it. They say it won’t happen but they said the same about The Roses.”