Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ songs would “never” have been included on an Oasis record.

The guitarist was the main songwriter for his former group – which split in 2009 after a falling out between Noel and his singer brother Liam – but insists the tracks on his solo debut are far more “serene”

He said: “These songs never would have ended up on an Oasis record. But I wasn’t frustrated in Oasis.

“I directed everything that went on in that band. But Oasis was a stadium rock band so I wrote stadium rock music.

“Now it’s different. Doing the new solo album was f***ing great. It was serene. I could take it at my own pace. But in another way it wasn’t a relief.

“Well, I like being in bands. I loved being in Oasis. But circumstances ran out of everybody’s control, you know what I mean?”

While he’s enjoying the freedom of being a solo act, Noel did admit he’s worried about not having the “safety blanket” of bandmates.

When asked about the most difficult part of going solo, Noel told Spin magazine: “That will be getting up onstage, when I have to be a frontman. Part of me still wishes I had the safety blanket of four guys. I don’t have the genetic make-up of a frontman, but I’m learning how to do it.”