Noel Gallagher thinks his best lyrics are on obscure tracks.
The former Oasis guitarist is now fronting his Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds project, and says that through almost twenty years of songwriting he has become an expert in writing about city life.
He told ”The best lyrics are the ones that you mean. Some of my best words, I think, are on more obscure tracks like the B-sides. Instead of trying to write big stadium rock anthems I try to write what I’m an expert about.
”And what I’m an expert about is life in the big city. I live in the centre of London and I know what it’s like. I try to let my words speak to the listener, rather than speak about me. I don’t really want people listening to lyrics about me. I would rather open a window and shine a light on a part of you that you didn’t see.
”Although, I can still write a healthy dose of nonsense when I want to.”
Noel thinks Oasis single ‘Some Might Say’ is one of his best compositions because it is both melancholy yet also upbeat and anthemic.
He added: ”For my mind, one of the best Oasis songs is one of the saddest and uplifting songs and that’s ‘Some Might Say’. It’s a great chest beating air thumping anthem, but if you read the words it’s almost like you’re trying to find redemption from something.”