Noel Gallagher is planning to keep every piece of ladies underwear that is thrown at him.
The 44-year-old rocker – who quit Oasis in 2009 following an argument with brother and bandmate Liam – joked he is like a ”serial killer,” and stores all the knickers and bras which are flung when he is performing with his Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds project.
Noel told ”I keep them all as trophies like a little serial killer. You know, ladies underwear is always welcome on stage in any capacity.”
Referring to a recent show at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre he added: ”I was thinking, ‘do the top hat and the knickers belong to the same person? Because I want to meet that girl and get a monocle off her’. It’s a wonderful thing.”
Noel has been pleased by the reaction to his new tracks during his Australian tour – on which he also played Oasis hits – as while he believes the songs to be ”brilliant,” crowd reaction is always hard to gauge.
He added: ”Part of me is thinking ‘Well it’s not a surprise because my new songs are f***ing brilliant’ but another part of me, in equal measure, is surprised because those new songs are up against songs that are very, very, very famous and they’re very important to people. I understand that.
”I knew that new song like ‘Everybody’s On The Run’, ‘If I Had A Gun’, ‘What A Life’ and ‘The Death Of You And Me’ are as good a songs as I’ve written.
”But you can’t predict what other people are going to feel. They may have fallen on deaf ears. Many a song I’ve written, played it live and thought ‘this is as good as I’ve ever written’ and people have f***ing all gone to the bar. So, you know, I am surprised a little bit.”