Professor Green says growing his hair helped him get a girlfriend.

The ‘Read all About it’ rapper sported a short crop for the last few years but decided to grow his hair while making his second album ‘At Your Inconvenience’, which has had a positive effect on his love life.

He told Britain’s KISS FM radio station: “I thought, ‘let me see if I can grow my hair while I still can!’ You never know what’s going to happen! So I thought, ‘let me see what I can do,’ and the hair started growing and women started to complimenting me for the first time in my life! I’ve got a girlfriend now!”

Green – real name Stephen Manderson – has also hit back at claims by his stepmother that he was “cashing in” on his estranged father’s death, by mentioning it in the track ‘Good Night’, from his debut album ‘Alive Till I’m Dead’.

Green – who’s father hung himself in 2008 – said: “All I spoke about was how my dad’s death affected me. I wasn’t trying to cash in on anything.

“I just thought it was incredibly insensitive. All I said was that when that happened it was make or break for me; It was either going to affect me negatively or it was going to turn my life around. It did the latter.

“If anything, she should have been happy for me.”

He also said he addresses his father and his stepmother’s reaction to him on ‘At Your Inconvenience’.