Lady Gaga has been compared to Picasso by Tony Bennett.

The legendary crooner compared the ‘Hair’ singer to the Spanish surrealist painter after recording a track with her for his ‘Duets II’ album.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: “She came in so prepared and so knowledgeable about what to do. She’s as good as Ella Fitzgerald or anybody you want to come up with.

“And that’s without her dancing and her philosophies about breaking myths that are incorrect and social situations. She’s very strong. I know it sounds way out, but she could become America’s Picasso if they leave her alone and let her just do what she has to do. She is very, very talented.”

Tony also duetted with the late Amy Winehouse – who died from accidental alcohol poisoning last July – on the album, and although she was sober on the day he met her, he was planning to intervene and try to help her get her life back on track.

He added: “Because of my 85th birthday, the BBC did a television special and I wanted her on that show. Right after the ‘Duets II’ recording, I said, ‘I’m going to talk to her and tell her to cool it, because she’s going to destroy herself. I’m going to talk her out of it.’

“When I got the call telling me she died, I couldn’t believe it. She didn’t look that ill when we recorded that day. She was absolutely sober . That’s why I felt that I could help her.”