Kylie Minogue’s musical should be ready next year.

The cSpinning Around’ hitmaker has previously revealed she was planning a stage production based on her music and career, and now her long-term creative collaborator and stylist William Baker says it will be the next thing they do together.

He said: “We’re both working on the Kylie musical, using all her songs, which will hopefully be done next year some time. I can’t wait!”

Kylie has previously admitted she is terrified of theatre critics’ response to her planned stage show, which she hopes will open in London’s West End.

She said: “It’s definitely happening. We’ve brought a scriptwriter in and are working on a few synopses

.”And the critics … music critics are one thing but theatre critics are something else. I suppose if it doesn’t work then that’s it – it’s a closed book.

“I think it will be here (in London).”