Kelly Clarkson admits although she writes a lot of “depressing s**t”.

The 29-year-old-singer admitted a lot of her lyrics can appear negative, but insists in real life she is a happy and satisfied person, as she channels all her negative energy into her songs.

She told “Well yes, I might write a load of depressing s**t but I’m a very happy person. Annoyingly so. I let it out in songs. Writing is very therapeutic. But I’m an annoyingly happy person.”

Kelly’s new single, ‘Mr Know it All’, has something of a country sound to it, and she thinks maybe one day she could release an album of country songs.

She added: “I like a lot of different things, but only for listening to. As for me singing, if I’m ever going to sing stuff it’s going to be pop, or maybe country because I grew up singing country.

“It’s a very soulful song and when I sing with attitude I tend to sound very Texan, and it’s probably down to that.”

Kelly’s latest album, ‘Stronger’, is released on Monday (24.10.11).