Kasabian feel it is inevitable that they will become “s**t”.

The ‘Empire’ rockers are about to release their fourth album, and while they feel it will be a “classic”, the band don’t think they’ll be able to make albums of the same quality forever.

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno said: “It’s to do with being on a roll. Everyone at some point goes s**t it’s inevitable. It’s about getting it down as quickly as you can, because it won’t last.

“It happens to the great writers of all time at some point.”

The songwriter – who is joined in Kasabian by Tom Meighan, Chris Edwards, Ian Matthews and Jay Mehler – added he based the tracks on the new album around “the great songs of all time” and feels the result is a “jukebox record” which doesn’t bare the hallmarks of anything before or since.

He added: “We’ve made a rock classic. I’m smiling when I say that, but it’s a rock classic. It doesn’t sound like any other rock album you’ve ever heard.”

Kasabian’s fourth album will be released later this year.