Kasabian called their new album ‘Velociraptor!’ because they were “the rock ‘n’ roll band of the dinosaurs”.

The Days Are Forgotten’ group named their fourth album after the prehistoric predators because they felt they hunted and had the attitude of a rock band.

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno said: “Velociraptors used to hunt in packs of four. They stuck together, they were the rock ‘n’ roll band of the dinosaurs. There is something about the power of four, if you stick together, it’s unity. You can move things forward.”

Serge – who is joined in Kasabian by Tom Meighan, Chris Edwards, Ian Matthews and Jay Mehler – also explained how artist Aitor Throup – who designed the new album’s cover – was also excited when he heard the title.

Serge added: “I saw his sketches and I thought, ‘This looks proper futuristic rock ‘n’ roll, which is what we try and do as a band’.

“He was buzzing off the word ‘Velociraptor’, it was his idea to put the exclamation mark at the end. The album has a lot of raw, primal screaming. It has to be shouted.”

‘Velociraptor!’ will be released in November.