John Lydon has completed the new Public Image Limited (PiL) album.
The group, fronted by the punk legend have recorded their first record since 1992’s ‘That What Is Not’
– partly funded by John’s fee for appearing in a commercial promoting butter – which they are planning to release later this year, preceded by an EP this spring.
Describing the recording of the album he said: ”We record live, some songs are made up on the spot.”
He added it is ”not moody and terrible,” but ”completely experimental.”
John also described how one of the tracks on the new EP, ‘Lollipop Opera’, is about his growing up in a council flat in the poor area of Finsbury Park in North London and how it is representative of the themes on the album as a whole.
He added: ”It’s the scenario to how I lived my life, Led Zeppelin didn’t’ mean much to anyone in my manor, It meant enough, but we had a broad expanse, Reggae, Greek and Turkish.”
John also said he’s planning for the band to tour, but they will likely shorted their sets from the three hour spectaculars which they staged in 2009 to save his voice.
He added to radio station BBC 6 Music: ”I hope to curtail that this time, because the tonsils really have to rap around dialogue.”