Hanson go to “unusual” lengths just to eat dinner, as otherwise they get mobbed by fans.

The ‘MMMBop’ band – made up of brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson – say the wild antics of their followers have seen them go to great lengths to meet them, and they feel bad about having to dodge them in rock star style.

Isaac exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “There has been so many unusual things happen to us – like not being able to go out of a hotel because there are too many people in the lobby. So you have to like sneak out the back way, jump in a van with tinted windows, just so you can have dinner.

“I feel like a bit of a spoiled brat saying that. But unfortunately, and fortunately, there’s a lot of stuff like that you experience a lot of times. Having people you don’t know break into your hotel room and all that kind of stuff.”

However, the band – who are performing at London’s IndigO2 venue on Tuesday night (29.11.11) as part of their ‘Shout It Out’ world tour – admitted their most dedicated followers don’t often think through their plans, and it is “awkward” when they come face-to-face with them when they have sneaked into their hotel rooms.

Isaac added: “It can be awkward, you know. I don’t think their plan is actually thought out, because most of the times what happens is, you walk in and they freeze and don’t really know exactly what to say or what to do.”

Hanson’s latest album ‘Shout It Out’ is out now.