Florence Welch was taught how to dance in high heeled shoes by Bono from U2.

The Florence + the Machine singer supported the Irish ‘One’ rockers on part of their North American tour earlier this year, and said she received valuable advice from the frontman on how to perform.

She told Rte.ie: “Bono told me how to dance in high heels and he also told me about U2’s Glastonbury performance and how everything that could have possibly gone wrong went wrong including him ripping his trousers on stage.

“I think he was lunging and his trousers ripped! He was telling me how he had to find a new way of performing that didn’t involve moving.”

‘Only If For a Night’ singer Florence also said while she hasn’t experienced sexism first hand in her career, she does think women have to fight harder for creative control than men in the music industry.

She said: “I’m not sure but I think that maybe has been such a masculine environment musically for so long that it’s just coming in cycles.

“Sexism isn’t something I have encountered but you do have to prove yourself and you do have to fight to have creative control that little bit harder perhaps than a man.”

Florence + the Machine’s second album ‘Ceremonials’ is out now.