Emeli Sande would love to write a song for Stevie Wonder or Annie Lennox.
The ‘Next to Me’ singer would love to write for one of the people she idolised growing up, singling out the Motown legend and the Eurythmics singer.
She told the Yorkshire Evening Post newspaper: ”There are so many people. I would love to write for someone legendary like Stevie Wonder or Annie Lennox.”
Emeli also prefers to work after dark, as she concentrates better, and admits she has to know and trust the people she’s working with before she can write properly.
She said: ”There aren’t any set rules, but I know the best kind of environment is at night for me.
”I can never write a good song if I’m around people that I don’t trust or don’t really click with. It has to be people that I really trust and I can share ideas with, that can really inspire me with conversation.”
Emeli also admits to suffering writer’s block, but is thankful it has never lasted too long.
She added: ”Sometimes when I have been writing too much I kind of find myself thinking I have nothing to write about anymore, but it usually goes within a month.
”I think the best thing is to stop writing at that point and live and do stuff outside of the music industry.”
Emeli’s debut album, ‘Our Version of Events’ is out now.