N-Dubz have set their sights on a ”massive arena tour” in two or three years time.
The ‘Bad Behaviour’ group – who are made up of Tulisa, Dappy and Fazer – are currently on hiatus as they pursue individual projects, but Dappy is confident the trio will eventually get back together and hit the road again.
Speaking on ITV1’s ‘Daybreak’, he said: ”For now, obviously Tulisa’s doing the ‘X Factor’ and she’s doing her solo album out in LA. Fazer’s doing his whole modelling thing – he was out meeting Kate Moss on the catwalk and what not – and right now it’s just we’re having a little break.
”Everyone wants to do their individual things and we can’t always be on top of each other.
”We’ve been together for 11 years, so it’s like she wants to do her thing, I want to do my thing, so we’ll give it a break for about two or three years, I believe – approximately – and then we might come back and do a massive arena tour again. But for now, I’m trying to get number ones after number ones.”
Dappy recently admitted he is ”upset” that he is no longer speaking to Tulisa – whose relationship with Fazer broke down last month – but he recognises it is probably the right thing to do as he is a ”bag of stress”.
He explained: ”It’s upsetting. I’d love to be able to hold her, cuddle her and give her a kiss again.
”It’s easier for her not to talk to me because I’m a bag of stress. But she knows I love her to death. I’d do anything if she ever needs me.”