Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme wants to write tracks for the band’s next album.

All the songs on the ‘Hysteria’ rockers’ first five albums have been written by vocalist and guitarist Matt Bellamy and, although he feels a little daunted, Chris is hoping his ideas could make it onto their next record.

When asked if any of his tracks will be on the new Muse album, Chris told BANG Showbiz: “Maybe. Obviously Matt’s written everything so far, and he’s kind of raised the bar quite high in terms of songwriting.

“I write quite a bit. I think if there’s stuff that’s good enough it would always be considered, I’m a bit nervous really, because I don’t want to write a song and it be responsible for the demise of the band.”

The band – which also includes Dominic Howard – have yet to start work on the album, but Chris says they have lots of ideas and recording will be easier than previously, as they are all living in the same city.

He added: “There’s a lot of ideas that we’ve all individually got, but we’ve not got together as a band yet to actually consciously put an album together.

“We’re kind of all living in London now, well I’m just outside. But the plan is to do the album in London and it will be the first time in 12 years we’ve all been in the same place!”

Muse previously recorded songs in Italy, America and their home county of Devon in Southern England.