Chris Martin worries Coldplay will become like a “seedy old man in a strip club”.

The ‘Paradise’ hitmaker is worried about when the band should call it a day as he is unsure at what point they would lose touch with what’s credible, so tries to counter it by only vowing to only make another record when it “means everything”.

He said: “When should we stop? What should we do? I’m genuinely confused.

“There’s a certain point where you go from being the hot guy in the bar to the seedy old man in the strip club. Now both these people love sex just as much as each other. At what point do you cross over?

“To make a record it has to mean everything, so we’ll only do another one when it means everything again.”

Despite his feelings, Chris feels he “has” to continue the band because he loves touring so much.

He told Q magazine: “For all the insecurity and paranoia offstage, onstage I f***ing love it. I love our band. And I have to do it. The fun of it, the joy of it.

“On stage, I don’t have any doubt about who’s the best f***ing band in the world. But only for 90 minutes.”