In love, you admire: A sense of humour.

Your favourite designers: Jjjjound and Jill Sander.

The flaw you don’t forgive: Stinginess (!!!!)

Your never leave home without: My airpods.

Your favourite restaurant: Alma [in Montreal.]

Your small gesture to save the planet: I bring my own water bottle everywhere!

My favourite piece in you wardrobe: My Reebok x Jjjjound trainers.

Right now, you’d like to be: At the beach.

The first person you thought of this morning: My sister, Camille.

My friends would say that I’m: Boring.

Your latest musical discovery: Arlo Parks.

Your essential beauty product: my Chanel eye patches.

The last text you received: “😘🤰🏼”

The film(s) that made the biggest impact on you:  American Psycho and There Will be Blood.

Your favourite swear word: Fuck!

People would be surprised to hear from you that: I swear a lot.

The cause that mobilizes you: Sick children.

The advice you wish you had received 10 years ago: That it’s good to take your time (in all aspects of life).

The podcast you’re addicted to:  I don’t know many podcasts, but I definitely want to listen to Case Notes.

At the aperitif, you order: wine (!!!)

The smell that moves you the most: The smell of pancakes cooking. It reminds me of weekends when my grandparents used to babysit my sister and I.

Your favourite Instagram account: Debora Brosa (@deborabrosa), she has a beautiful style and is my reference when I don’t know what to wear!

The person who inspires you the most: My lover Aliocha.

If you could invite three people, living or dead, for a memorable meal: [My] granny, grandpa and my grandfather Menum.

Charlotte Cardin’s album Phoenix is available now on all digital platforms.

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