Carrie Underwood has always had an ”inner rock chick”.
The country singer’s new single ‘Good Girl’ showcases a rockier sound but she insists the departure from her usual style was a natural progression rather than a deliberate switch.
She said: ”My inner rock chick has always been there. I grew up listening to a lot of rock music through my sisters, who were teenagers while I was young, so they had control of the radio. Just working with different people and experiencing different things influences what happens naturally.
”It’s not like a guided effort to switch directions or add different stuff in your music – it just happens. You don’t fight it, you just go with it.”
Carrie also admitted she never has any particular criteria when choosing songs for her albums, other than picking the tracks she particularly likes, regardless of how they influence the overall feel of the record.
She explained to ”I go after what I like. There is no objective. If you put too many stipulations that you’re looking for that kind of song or this kind of song, you won’t end up with the best album. You’re bypassing potentially amazing things.
”I want to hear a song that makes me feel something immediately. I’m not looking for this many love songs, that many uptempo songs, or ‘he done me wrong’ songs. It just happens.
”Sometimes we go into a writing session, and we’ll write something that I wouldn’t sing. It’s just not me. But that’s great, because it’s the best thing we could do that day … I didn’t have to force anything.”