Ben Howard finds it ”frustrating” to be compared to other singer-songwriters.
The ‘Keep Your Head Up’ hitmaker is often talked about in the same light as a number of other singer-songwriters, but he just puts it down to people being ”lazy”.
When asked if he finds it annoying to be lumped together with other artists in his genre, he told Absolute Radio at London’s Hard Rock Cafe: ”I think sometimes it’s a bit frustrating.
”I think the most frustrating thing is when people… sometimes people are a bit lazy and they don’t listen to something, and they’ll just say you sound like something else and it’s quite clear that you don’t, I think that’s frustrating.”
Despite his irritation, Ben is trying to concentrate on improving his career by keeping his head down” and maintaining ”an outside view on things”.
He added: ”Being in Devon has been quite nice because we’ve been away from any scene that’s been going on and you’ve been able to just keep an outside view on things.”
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