Everyone stop what you are doing RN. Netflix has released the first real trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

This is two minutes and twenty-six seconds of Gilmore Girls bliss, with so-fast-you-may-miss-it pop-culture references from the mother-daughter duo, more junk food than an entire frat house could eat and all of our favourite characters (Sookie! Michel! Taylor!) back on screen.

As with all of the other Gilmore Girls teasers, this trailer leaves us with more questions than answers. We learn that Rory is living in New York or London, but why? Lorelai and Luke are together, but having problems? What’s the deal with that mini-pig running around Stars Hollow? And why is Emily wearing a T-shirt????? This is too much.

Grab a giant mug of coffee and sit back and watch. Remember, you only have to get through the next 30 days before the actual show is here.



Also, check out this new art for the show with Emily in boss mode: 



Courtesy of Netflix