With the villain (Chad) banished from Bachelorette land, JoJo’s suitors turned their attention to a new sport: actually paying attention to wooing JoJo. Surprise!

Competition on the first rose ceremony of the night (it was a long two hours, people) got super fierce super fast. Robbie threw a coin in a fountain, wishing and hoping that he and JoJo will get engaged. JoJo and Jordan made out like teens against the wall. And Daniel the Canadian….gave her a one-armed hug. Sigh. No wonder he went home with a happy, “take care, eh!” (I’m not joking.)
Back to date time, friends! And we’re off to Uruguay. James Taylor (still makes me laugh) doesn’t quite know where that is, but that’s okay! Jordan and his gorgeous hair get the first South America one-on-one. These two – Jordan and JoJo, not Jordan and his hair – have had a connection since Day 1, and with Chad out of the picture, Jordan has a target on his back. (Also, he tells her he’s falling in love!!! Rose, meet lapel.)
But wait, it’s actually JoJo the rest of the guys are mad at. Why, you ask? Because they read a tabloid article linking her to her pre-Bachelorette ex, another Chad (Not Chad Chad, just normal Chad.) And we all know we should believe everything you read in a tabloid. Confrontation time!  Kudos to JoJo for addressing this drama head on. “I care so much for you guys. I don’t want you to think for a second that I’m not here for the right reasons.”
You know what makes everything better? Surfing sand dunes! But not even tobogganing on the sand can help some of the guys with their jealousy. Derek – aka John Krasinski’s long lost twin – is especially feeling sadz, but JoJo makes it all better with a rose. Cue makeouts with everyone! The final date of the week goes to Robbie, who tells JoJo he loves her, but only after they jump off a cliff together.  Love.
At the second rose ceremony of the night, a familiar theme emerges: the guys get a little distracted by the competition. And their target this time is our Derek because he’s not in with the cool kids. (Okay I’m defending him because I have a bit of a thing for John Krasinski.) Another fast and furious ceremony and (no surprise) we say goodbye to: Grant, Vinny and Evan.