Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon, former co-stars on That ’70s show. Photos courtesy of Getty.

Until recently,
Mila Kunis was the lone female
That ’70s Show alum in the public eye. But her former co-star Laura Prepon is now also making news, thanks to her hit show
Orange is the New Black and, er, Tom Cruise. So, who’s cooler: Jackie or Donna? We compared the actresses in two fields: love life and career.
Mila vs Laura: LOVE LIFE
Mila Kunis: After dating Macaulay Culkin for EIGHT YEARS, Mila got together with Ashton Kutcher, her former 
That ’70s Show on-screen boyfriend, amid a very public, very messy separation from Demi Moore. Ashton and Demi are now formally divorced, and the beautiful Mila and the star of 
Jobs and 
Two and a Half Men (….) are still together.
Laura Prepon: Laura is private about her love life, so when rumours surfaced earlier this week that she and fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise were an item—they were spotted having dinner together in L.A.—they caused a sensation. But Cruise’s rep shot it down: "They see each other at some functions, but they’re not dating."
Edge: Laura. She gets the buzz mileage out of the Cruise rumour without actually having to date him. And she doesn’t have to listen to Kutcher talk about anything, ever, if she doesn’t want to. Seriously, Mila, you can do better.
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