“You can’t miss it,” I was assured. Right there, I figured, was my guarantee that I would not only miss it but also lose a couple of precious hours trying to find the
La Tour Paris 13 street-art happening. And on my last day in Paris, with
Fashion Week having just ended, I didn’t have time to waste. “It” is an apartment block in one of the biggest cities in the world, a city filled with apartment blocks. But my counsel was, indeed, correct. As I crossed the bridge over the Seine, on Boulevard de Bercy, on a cool grey morning, there it loomed: nine stories high (unremarkable), with a glaring tangerine-orange facade (truly remarkable) that stood out and was probably visible from Lyons. Outside the La Tour Paris 13 street art project in Paris. While a map would drily say I was going to 5 Rue Fulton 75013, I was, in fact, going to an ephemeral art exhibit that is hosting works from more than 100 of the world’s most celebrated street artists: everyone from
Pantonio (Portugal),
Shoof (Tunisia), 
Stinkfish (Mexico),
Liliwenn (France) and
Bom.K (France). The artists had seven months to tag all the rooms in the 30 apartments. In early November, the demolition of the building will begin.
Curious to see some of the artwork inside?