Kate Middleton has a new stylist

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The Duchess Of Cambridge Attends Action On Addiction DinnerOh, this old thing? Tash picked it out. (Image courtesy of Getty)

You are not alone in your suspicions, royal watcher: Kate Middleton has been changing her fashion game recently, and no, it’s not because Prince George has started picking out her clothes. (Although we’re sure the little man has impeccable taste). Turns out—
Kate Middleton has got herself a new stylist!
The sartorial brain behind Kate’s "bold new look" (relative terms here) is actually her personal assistant, one Natasha Archer (but the corgis call her Tash). The 27 year-old is Kate’s right hand woman, and has been gently nudging the Duchess in a more fashion-forward direction. The idea is all Kate—the 32 year-old has apparently been worried about looking older than her age—but Tash has been doing the legwork, including lots of online shopping for the DofC. #toughgig We love where all of this is going, but what do you think? Stick with the safe Breton stripes, or next stop: crop tops?
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