The founder of Stoicism was Zeno of Citium. He lived and taught in Athens in around 300 BC I looked at my calendar for this week and thought: “Oh dear…! Is this possible?” Then “the all-knowing universe” handily directed me to read an article in today’s
Globe and Mail about the launch of
Stoic Week. It’s an online happening that’s been organized by classicists, philosophers, psychologists and cognitive therapists from the University of Exeter. It features daily meditations and an
online survey designed to help would-be stoics achieve a sense of happiness. For more details, check out Stoic Week 2013 (
@Stoicweek). (You were supposed to sign up last night, but I was still able to do the pre-questionnaires this morning. One has to be stoic when it comes to missed deadlines.) Here’s the
link for this morning’s meditation. Researchers say you’ll be 10 percent happier at the end of the week.

If you take on the Stoic Challenge this week, tell us how you’re feeling on Friday!