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It’s hard to say too much about Ravenswood without ruining everything for you (and dear reader, I’d never want to deprive you of the gasps, the jumps, and the ‘woah, that did not just happen’ you get with this show). It’s a Pretty Little Liars spin-off – Caleb, Hanna’s love interest, and his cheekbones winds up in this very odd Pennsylvania town, and there’s all the trippy mystery / juicy drama you’d expect, but with a whole dollop of the supernatural thrown in the mix. (The styling is also pretty great, btw).
The starting point for the cray is a bizarre pattern in town history: every citizen of Ravenswood who’s gone to war returns safely, but at the same time, groups of four teenagers have been dying violently sporadically for the last 100 years. There’s a fabulously gothic graveyard, the world’s creepiest undertaker, a recently murdered mayor…and well, it’s not long before Caleb finds himself in a car, with three other teens, careening off a bridge, plunging to his death… Just watch, be scared / intrigued, and let’s re-group later to discuss theories, okay?
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