I Don’t Have Time For This!

Oct 21 2010 by
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A new documentary follows five young Canadian women as they deal with being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Imagine being in your 20s or 30s and finding out that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Millions of thoughts must race through your mind. But in our go-go world one might immediately think: What about the career you’ve been building, the relationships you’ve forged, the family you’ve just started? That’s the inspiration behind a new intimate documentary called
I Don’t Have Time For This! It’s a look at how the life-threatening illness can affect so many other aspects of a young woman’s life – dating, marriage, school, new careers, pregnancy, and raising children.

The documentary is a journey. We see how these young women deal with the reality of breast cancer, all while trying to live the rest of their lives as normally as possible. From married mother and teacher Clare (35 years old), casting director and mother Crystal (34 years old), Janelle (30 years old) who is planning her dream wedding, world traveler and emerging model Sylvia (25 years old), and newly engaged recent grad Claudia (24 years old), we see their hopes, struggles and strength throughout the documentary. It’s a moving documentary with a real life glimpse into some of the most trying times a woman can face. And in light of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we think it’s a must watch.
Check out the documentary this Saturday, October 23 at 12pm EST on the W Network. For more information visit:
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