Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina are reportedly planning to open fashion boutiques in New York and California.

Lindsay Lohan is planning to open two fashion boutiques. The troubled actress – who was
charged with the theft of a $2,500 necklace yesterday (09.02.11) – and her mother Dina are reportedly hope to launch stores selling clothing and accessories in Venice, California and Soho, New York. A source said: "Both Dina and Lindsay love the fashion industry and are excited to do this together." According to the insider, Lindsay – whose theft charge counted as a breach in the terms of probation which were set following a 2007 driving under the influence conviction – is planning to divide her time between the two stores. The source added to "Right now, Lindsay loves being in Venice in her new home and enjoys the walk into town. Lindsay and her mom will be looking for a place in downtown Manhattan as soon as her ban to travel has been lifted. For now she’s awaiting her February 23 probation hearing and preparing for a visit from her mom and siblings." Lindsay was warned by Superior Court Judge Keith L. Schwartz yesterday that if she does anything else to breach her probation before her next court appearance, she will be jailed. Despite the judge’s harsh words for the 24-year-old star, her mother insists she was happy with the outcome of the hearing. Dina told website
PopEater: "All good. God has a big plan." Would you shop at Lindsay’s store? Yes or no? For more celebrity gossip, visit our
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