Holiday Spirit: Miss Collins cocktail at the Museum Tavern

Dec 21 2012 by
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Creating a really good drink is an art form—and no one knows this better than Moses McIntee from Toronto’s
Museum Tavern. McIntee’s take on the classic Tom Collins is nothing short of a masterpiece. Here’s what you need for McIntee’s Miss Collins cocktail, created specially for ELLE Canada.
Miss Collins 2oz Eristoff Vodka 1/2 lemon, squeezed and dropped into a Collins glass 3/4 oz simple syrup 12 mint leaves 4 dashes of Scrappy’s lavender bitters 1 spoon full of violet pearls
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Directions Squeeze the lemon and drop into the glass. Add simple syrup, bitters, vodka and a spoon full of the violet pearls, top with crushed ice and add mint on the top.
Stir in the mint to release the oils, mix the drink and disperse the ingredients throughout the glass. Garnish with a mint sprig, and violet pearls.
What inspired you to create this concoction for ELLE Canada?
"I wanted to create a cocktail that was elegant, with balance and grace. Something for the discerning drinker. I used the platform of the classic Collins recipe (lemon, sugar and soda) with Eristoff vodka, to allow the bitters, mint and violet pearls to come through and provide structure and freshness for an otherwise very simple cocktail."
What would you pair with this drink?
"This drink would be wonderful on its own, but could be paired with many different foods such as salads, fish dishes and fragrant foods like jasmine rice, saffron risotto, etc. From our menu, I would pair it with the arctic char, as the nuance between the mint, citrus and bitters would accentuate it quite well."
What is the telltale sign of a good cocktail? "Balance. Balance, balance, balance… This is the key. I always explain to those I am training that the palette is like a pie plate being suspended in the air by one finger in the centre: around the edges are the flavours: savoury, sour, bitter, sweet, umame… if you put a weight on any one part of the plate, without equalizing it on the converse side, your plate will fall over. That said, the greatest cocktails, wines, whiskeys, or dishes for that matter (in my humble opinion) touch on most or all of these aspects of our palettes, achieving a nuanced balance that comes through one after another; giving a long and varied finish. This is what we are all after. This, is the perfect cocktail."

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