Marnie and the inimitable Booth Jonathan.

last week, when nothing happened to anyone but Hannah, this week everything is happening to everyone. There are lots of important parts, but our ultimate favourite is the short-lived team of Adam and Ray, who replace Shosh and Jessa in this week’s recap. Dog bites, ferry rides and yelling—all the things a good man adventure requires.
HANNAH Once again Hannah is taking a very important meeting, with someone very important (played by actor/director John Cameron Mitchell of
Hedwig and the Angry Inch) signified by the fact that Hannah is a gushing fangirl over his magazine, and the fact that a “money man” drops by their table to say hello. The editor has read Hannah’s essays and identified in her writing qualities that describe Hannah herself: complex, sweet, naïve and infuriating.  Long story short, he wants Hannah to write an e-book. He may not know what a pistachio is, but he knows talent and Hannah has it. The catch? He needs that in a month. Sooo….no pressure or anything. It’s one thing to talk about writing a book, and another to actually sit down and do it. The one-month deadline makes procrastination a dangerous game. New roomie Jessa isn’t making life easier either, in the stage of depression where she falls asleep in the tub and becomes ultra mean (she tells Hannah the book she’s writing won’t matter to anyone including those who read it and Hannah herself). Escaping her empty page and terrible new roommate, Hannah wanders over to Casa Booth (Jonathan). She is wearing an especially frumpy combo of denim sack dress and navy and green rain coat, and is distinctly out of place.  It doesn’t help that she is ignored by her former best friend and not in the mood to enjoy the pretentious art assholes even though one thinks he knows her from “one of Ryan’s shoots.” When he mentions another of the guests, Sketch, the one Marnie just greeted as “my favourite wordsmith in the world!”, is also writing an e-book, Hannah feels as small as she possibly could and takes off for home.
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