Recap: Season 2, Episode 1.

The GIRLS are back in town. We left them each at a crossroads—Hannah was eating cake alone after fighting with Adam about moving in together and watching him get hit by a truck in the street, Shoshanna was finally losing her virginity, to Ray of all people, Marnie was making out with a chubby funnyman after brushing off a chance to hook up with her ex Charlie, and Jessa, predictably unpredictable, was marrying a finance guy in a surprise ceremony. In GIRLSland that wasn’t so long ago, so let’s dive right in and see whether any or all of our heroines have found themselves on the right road.
HANNAH At the beginning of season one we found Hannah spooning with her roommate, and it seems not much has changed. Except that rather than uptight Marnie, the big spoon is now Hannah’s gay ex and current roomie Elijah. The plan they hatched at Jessa’s wedding has come to pass and they are as snug as two bugs in a Brooklyn rug. Elijah is not the only new man in Hannah’s life however. She is dating someone distinctly unAdamish, Sandy (played by Donald Glover). They are having lots of sex, chasing each other around bookstores just as fast as his boner allows, but when he indirectly uses the dreaded L word, she makes it clear that is not something she wants to hear – she is trying to learn her lesson after the intensity of her doomed relationship with Adam. And what of poor old broken leg Adam? Hannah hasn’t quite gotten around to telling him about her new man-friend, and doesn’t plan to until he “is capable of wiping himself”. In fact, she is still acting as nursemaid, coming by with videos, takeout and prescriptions. It is causing confusion – as he puts it she is there all the time, and is his “main hang” so he isn’t so worried about labeling things as long as they continue. Since it’s hard to tell a guy you are dating somebody else while you hold a pot for him to pee in, Hannah bides her time. Meanwhile she has a party to throw in her newly styled pad – a house warming with Elijah, and a chance for him to show off his rich boyfriend George. One small hitch; George thinks the hipster gathering in Brooklyn is boring, and decides to get roaring drunk to make up for it. Cue an embarrassing karaoke attempt, followed by a smack down of Elijah’s “boring” friends – don’t they realize how much more fun it was when he was their age “snorting coke on twinks and dacing with (his) tits out?”. Elijah needs Hannah’s help to get him out before he ruins Elijah’s whole party/life.
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